A Fun Day of Fundraising at the MA Griggs open day for Marias Animal Shelter

A Fun Day of Fundraising at the MA Griggs open day for Marias Animal Shelter

Early Set Up

Volunteers John and Georgina were busy unloading the van when Jacqui and I arrived at Griggs in Sticker. Everyone around us in the car park was busy setting up stalls and unloading gorgeous animals, including alpacas, ponies and next to us some llamas from Llamaland. We got to work setting up the tables and fighting the wind with gaffer tape!Thank you for bringing that John!

Our tables were set up with Marias delicious preserves, a tombola, Marias handmade soaps, some books and greetings cards. It was looking lovely and the weather looked great. It was sunny with few clouds and a little wind. People began to arrive before the opening time of 10am.

John, Georgina and Jacqui at the stalls
John and Georgina behind the stall
Georgina selling books

Popular Tombola

The day went very well, with people buying up Marias preserves and a few books and cards, but the most popular money maker was the tombola. Everyone loved having a go and even us volunteers were watching expectantly to see if they had won a prize when they opened the tickets. It was a joy to see the look on the childrens faces when they won something and the adults who thought they were unlucky and never win anything!

The tombola works by all prizes having a ticket on them with the number ending in 0 or 5. All other tickets including that corresponding number are folded and put into a bucket. People then pay either 25p per ticket or £1 for 5 tickets. Most people opt for 5 tickets to have a better chance of winning. Some even bought 10 or 20 tickets! They then pick out their choice of tickets from the bucket and open them up and, if they have a ticket with the number ending in 0 or 5, they win the prize with that number on. Its a bit of fun for us to find the prize with that number on too, as we had white, blue and pink tickets to look through!

If children didn’t pick a winner, we had a tub of sweets so they could take one as a consolation prize. Sometimes they’d rather just have the sweet! I think some people became addicted to it, as they kept coming back to have another go!

Good People

We met some real lovely people during the day and it was so nice to see so many good people happily enjoying themselves. We gained a lot more support from people that had not heard of the shelter before and found some interested in taking on some rescue rabbits, which would be a great help right now with all the rabbits we have needing new homes and it has gone very quiet on the rehoming. There were also people willing to volunteer with us and some giving us tips on new ways of fundraising.

I handed out leaflets on the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund poll and asked if people could please vote for us. All of them who had a facebook account agreed to vote! Georgina was amazing and walked around the place handing these leaflets out to everyone she could, including other stall holders, to gain us more votes. Thank you, Georgina!

Georgina had her photo taken with a big friendly dog by MA Griggs staff

Llama Watching

When it went a little quiet at times throughout the day, we had a lovely view of 4 llamas to keep us occupied. There were 2 adults and 2 babies in a pen next to us and they were beautiful. One of the adults was very sweet and kept calling whenever their owner disappeared out of sight.

Llamas from Llamaland
four llamas from Llamaland
A baby llama from Llamaland

Long Day

By the afternoon, our feet and legs were aching and Jacqui very kindly queued for about 20 minutes to get us some free refreshments. Griggs gave out free food and drink, so as you’d imagine it was a pretty big queue! We had fun, but were glad to start packing up at about 3.50pm. It was much quicker loading up the van than unloading and then we were off.

Thank You For A Brilliant Day

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us, you helped us to raise £280 for the animals at the shelter. Thank you to Jacqui, John and Georgina for your help and for making the day fun. We had a brilliant day in the beautiful autumn sunshine, Thank you MA Griggs and well done!

Keeley x

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