An Eventful Day At Marias Animal Shelter

Greetings From The Kune Kune Pigs

When I arrived at the shelter on Thursday I was greeted by Tammy and Blossom’s, the kune kune pigs, noisy snorts, I continued as usual to the barn to see who was already there and to find out my tasks for the day. I entered the barn to find Maria, Keeley and John trying to figure out how all the jobs needing doing could be completed, we were in for a busy day!

Getting To Work

After deciding on prioritising the most important jobs we all started work. Maria and John started to measure for materials, and Keeley went battle with Toffee and Fudge whilst I cleaned the animals in the barn. Whilst cleaning I had lots of cuddles with the rats, degus and gerbils, especially Sammy the rat!

Lunch Break

At around half one, we finally had a chance to sit down, eat our lunch and drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the peace before the challenge we all knew was ahead of us. We all noted that the Degus were being very quiet for once, which was unusual as they usually start making as much noise as they can as soon as we sit down! After lunch John and my granddad went back to work on the rabbit pens, whilst Maria, Keeley and I looked through some of the records to see who had come in to the shelter and who had been re-homed in the last year or so. Finally we decided it was time to get back to work.

Animal Feed Time

Keeley and I started to prepare the food for the goats, sheep, pigs and poultry, whilst Maria prepared the food for the rabbits and guinea pigs. After getting in each others way we managed to finish preparing the food and had to go feed the animals, I went to feed the chickens, ducks and geese on route to the guinea pigs, whilst Maria and Keeley fed the large animals and the rabbits. Whilst Keeley and John were finishing feeding the rabbits I went to have a cuddle with Jessies beautiful babies! After feeding the animals, I went to find Maria to see if she was ready for the challenge!

The Great Challenge

Keeley shouted to Maria saying that she let the sheep back through to the big field, a force of habit, thus making our awaiting challenge even more difficult. Our challenge of the day was to worm the sheep and goats and none of us were looking forward to it! Coaxing the pigs back in to the stable was the easy part, but trying to get the sheep back through to the yard was going to be harder. Marshall was put back in to his stable and Maisie in to the pig yard. We managed to coax Ralph and Molly back in to the yard, but Charlotte was a different story, Charlotte becomes suspicious easily and as soon as she does there would be no way of getting her back in the yard.

Just as we were about to give up on Charlotte she moved back in to the yard, much to our amazement, and we managed to shut the gate. We decided to grab the bull by the horns and get Charlotte out of the way first. Every time we tried to restrain her she managed to get away, then, much to Keeley, Maria and my amusement John went for the rugby tackle method and ended up on the floor, the look on his face once he realised what was on his hands was priceless! (I tried to get him to re-enact it for a picture, but he wasn’t having any of it!)

The Great Escape

Our next attempt was looking much better, or so we thought. We had hold of Charlotte against the gate, but with the weight of Charlotte and us the gate flew open allowing Charlotte, Molly and Ralph to run down past the rabbit pens to munch on the grass. After rounding them up again we were finally successful in worming Charlotte. Molly and Ralph were much easier!

Whilst I went to fetch some well deserved custard creams for the sheep, Maria, Keeley and John managed to worm Marshall. We then wormed Maisie who was as good as gold, all that was left were Toffee and Fudge. Toffee and Fudge were surprisingly well behaved, much to our delight, and were rewarded with a custard cream too.

Hay Net Drama

After worming the livestock I went to fill the hay nets, I gathered the nets up, after struggling to untie one that hadn’t been hung with the quick release knot, and battled my way past the pigs to fill them. Once I had filled the nets I stumbled out of the stable with the nets over my shoulder, quite an achievement seeing as I’m only 5ft 1”! As I got to the gate to the yard John saw that I was struggling to lock the gate with 3 hay nets over my shoulders and took one from me and closed the gate for me before I strangled myself! I taught John how to do the quick release knot in Marshalls house, and sent him to put the sheeps net up whilst I did Maisies. After inspecting Johns knot I nearly went flying in the mud outside the sheep house, much to his amusement.

The End To A Tiring Day

As Maria and John sat down to groom Jazz the rabbit it was coming up for 4 o’clock, time for me to leave. Every week Maria, John and Keeley laugh at how impatient I make my granddad by my stalling and reluctance to leave, but they were amazed that I left on time this week due to my developing cold, courtesy of John.

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