first weekly post

My name is James and I’ve been volunteering at Maria’s for almost a year now as part of a work placement scheme with duchy college. I can only manage to come in on Thursdays as the bus is quite expensive now.

When I arrived this Thursday, I thought that i had beaten everybody else as it was pretty quiet apart from Tammy and Blossom, the two pigs who were making a lot of noise and alerted Keeley to my arrival, I’ll try again next week haha.

Before finding out what i was doing I was introduced to Sammy the rat who I’ve taken a liking to.


Maria asked me to clean out Marshal’s house which confused me since him and Maisy had been swapped around, maria and I checked to see which one looked worse and they both seemed as bad as each other, just as we were about to decide who was going to clean which house, that question was soon answered when I banged my head on the roof and i decided to clean the bigger house.

After sweeping out the house I started to sweep the path but it seemed Marshal had other ideas and started being very cheeky by leaning against me and putting his head against my leg and trying to push me backwards which made everyone else laugh. Thankfully marshal let me finish in time for lunch.

After lunch I helped Keeley feed the goats and the sheep, which was a lot easier than last week when she wasn’t there, also keeping an eye on Morris and snowflake while we were trying to introduce them to each other.

when everybody was fed Maria and I took toffee and fudge for a quick walk while Keeley took pictures for Facebook, thankfully Maria had toffee because he was being naughty and kept trying to butt everybody while fudge was trying to pull me close enough for toffee to get me as well. When we got back I had to run for my bus to get back home.

Walking goats Toffee and Fudge in Probus


Fudge enjoying a scratch on the fence on a walk in Probus


Toffee trying to butt Maria


At the end of the walk with Toffee and Fudge where you can see a great view
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