How to Sponsor

Sponsor a Pen or Permanent Residents

If you would like to help us care for the animals at the shelter, you may be interested in sponsoring us, for yourself or maybe as a gift for someone. You can either sponsor a pen or sponsor a group of our permanent residents.

Sponsoring a Pen

The pens (numbers 1-10) are primarily used for rabbits (occasionally guinea pigs) and sponsoring the pen will help with feeding, cleaning, vet bills and maintenance for the rabbit living there at any one time. It will not be possible to sponsor an individual rabbit, as we try to re-home them as quick as possible in the right home and make space for other rabbits coming in, so rabbits are coming and going from the pens all the time. By sponsoring the pen, you will be helping more than one rabbit to be healthier and happier.

To see who is in each pen right now and which have been sponsored, go to How You Can Help in the drop down menu and click on Sponsored Pens.

Sponsoring a Group of Permanent Residents

You can sponsor a group of our permanent residents, helping with the cost of their feeding, cleaning, medication, vet bills, etc. You can contribute to making the rest of their life happy and peaceful.

Groups available for sponsorship:

  • The Woolly Wool Pack
  • The Toggenburg Two
  • The Krays
  • Kooky Kune Kunes
  • Orphan Oliver
  • Mays Gang
  • The Barbarian & His Wives
  • The Waterfowl Six
  • Winston & Churchills Harem
  • Badger & Casper
  • The Squeakers
  • Buttons

You can view these groups by going to the drop down menu How You Can Help and click on Sponsored Permanent Residents.

With any sponsorship, you will receive a small goody bag with photos of chosen animals and will receive updates on how they are doing as well as having your name written beside them on the website to show your sponsorship. If sponsoring a pen, you will be updated on who is living there and when it changes.  The cost will be £5 a month for whoever you choose.

We are currently trying to set up a downloadable sponsorship form. In the meantime if you wish to sponsor, please contact Maria at to obtain a sponsorship form. Thank you for your support!