Success At Our Fun Charity Auction!


Wow! We had such a fun and successful evening on Friday 22nd March 2013 at the shelters fun charity auction. Here is a short blog about the night, apologies for no photos to accompany it, but I was too busy and even Jade didn’t manage to snap a quick one with her phone, as she was manning the tombola stall.

Edd the Auctioneer

After everyone arrived and had looked at the Lots up for auction and sat down ready and waiting, our volunteer auctioneer for the night, Edward Buckland (Edd), stood behind his impressive hand made rostrum and banged the gavel!

Immediately there was silence and Edd began to give a brief introduction of the shelter and the auction…then got straight into it with his fantastic auctioneering talent.

Maria Had Fun

Maria loved watching the auction from the back of the room and found it very entertaining to see her daughter and son competing over some of the Lots!

Natalie, the shelters volunteer accountant, and myself were busy noting down all winning bids for the Lots and register numbers of the winning bidders to make sure we were ready to take payments from the correct people at the end! We still had a laugh at the fun, though, and got a little distracted on occasions.

Happy John

The shelters volunteer handyman, John, was hiding when his Lot came up (3 hours of his work time). He really thought no one would bid for him! After realising that more than one person bid for him and that the winning bidder was to pay £35 to the shelter for his time, he suddenly appeared smiling and did a little ‘Ta Daaa’ pose!

Edds Giggles

A great moment when Edd got to the Lot for a full dog groom and began reading it out…suddenly he started to giggle and turned a little bit red when he realised he nearly read out that it includes an anal gland express!!

Very quickly he said ‘Well, we’ve all read the catalogue haha I’ve never had to sell one of those before’.

Busy End

As soon as the auction was over, people queued to pay before picking up their won Lots. Natalie and I coped brilliantly (I think! haha) with taking payments and making sure we noted down who paid and method of payment, etc. Thank you to Edd who sat for quite a time checking it all and making sure everything was correct.

There was only a brief time for chatting to everyone, but Maria enjoyed meeting all who came.

An Overwhelming Gift To Me

I was overwhelmed when a lovely lady walked over to me and said ‘Hi Keeley, I’m Pat…nice to meet you and I have present for you’. I opened a folded piece of paper to see a beautiful etching (just like the one up for auction) of Marshall the goat. Pat knew I liked her work so much, she decided to give me one of her etchings! Pat Grove made my night! Thank you, Pat.

A Catch Up With Volunteers

It was so lovely for Maria and myself to meet up with volunteers we do not see very often and even a volunteer we have been out of touch with for way too long, Stella, came and made us all smile. We’ve missed her at the shelter and it was good to see her. She trained me at the shelter when I started volunteering in 2010 and I am very grateful to her.

A Huge Thank You

Thank you so very very much to all who donated Lots, all who helped organise and on the night, to Edd the auctioneer, Tony (who offered his skills at showing Lots during the auction and used his booming voice for the raffle!), Probus Comrades Club for allowing us to hold the event there and then donating the club fee to the shelter…..and last but not least to all who attended, bid and donated to the shelter, THANK YOU!

You all helped to raise an amazing grand total of £1300 for Marias Animal Shelter – hugs and kisses all round! xxxxxx

A great night and we will definitely think about another in the near future!

Keeley x


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