Marias Animal Shelter nominated for Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund poll

Nominated By Supporters

Marias Animal Shelter has been nominated by very kind supporters on the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund  (RWAF) facebook page.


The RWAF is a large organisation that is devoted to improving the lives of the UKs pet rabbits.  It raises money to distribute to rabbit rescues and, each year, they choose four rescues to receive a sponsorship from them with a share of the money they have raised. This year they have opted to try a voting poll on their facebook page to find two rescues to fill the last two places for sponsorship.

The Poll

Thanks to our nomination from kind supporters of our work, we have been chosen for the voting poll to have a chance for sponsorship. We are in the poll alongside Rainbow Rabbits, Pixie’s Rabbit Rescue and Little Angels who are also very hard working rescues that deserve a chance for the sponsorship money. Stiff competition!

How To Vote

Voting closes on Sunday 30th September 2012. You can vote by using the link or find the RWAF facebook page or Marias Animal Shelter facebook page where we have posted the link to click on

then click on 1.marias animal rescue.
You will need to be logged in on facebook.

Every Vote Counts

We have received a good number of votes and people have very kindly been going out of their way to gain us more votes. We really need to get and stay at second place to win sponsorship from RWAF, so every single vote counts.

Useful Funding

If we are lucky enough to be voted into second or even first place to receive the sponsorship, the money we receive will be such a great help with caring for the rabbits at the shelter. We currently have over 30 rabbits for rehoming and they cost the most at the moment. The money would be used to help with the vet bills for neutering, vaccinating and treatment for ailments and will help with feeding, cleaning and maintenance of hutches and pens. This would mean other funds raised can be put towards other much needed projects.

Sapphire in one of the rabbit pens at Marias Animal Shelter
Clover in a pen at Marias Animal Shelter

Much Appreciated

We are ever so grateful for being nominated and having a chance for some much needed funding. For everyone who nominated us for the poll, who has voted for us and tried to gain us more votes…….a huge THANK YOU!

Fingers crossed!

Keeley x

A pretty female at Marias Animal Shelter
Mother and Baby eating together at Marias Animal Shelter
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