Animals for Adoption

Adoption procedure

Thank you for considering adopting an animal from Marias Animal Shelter. We pride ourselves on educating animal lovers on the best way to keep their animals as happy and healthy as possible. This involves helping soon to be owners get their homes ready for their new furry additions to the family.

You can find out more about making your home suitable for a Guinea Pig as well as the process of adoption for Guinea Pigs by clicking here! Or for further information about the rehoming requirements for Rabbits click here!

Both your family and our animals will each have particular needs, depending on age, lifestyle and experience. Our aim is to ensure that every adoption is successful.

Reserving an animal and the home visit.

If you are happy with the rehoming requirements that we have asked for, you will be asked to pay a £10 deposit per animal. If you would like us to bond any animals at the shelter for you, we will need the full donation money before this process can begin. We do charge £10 a week bonding fee.

After the initial visit and you have prepared the area and bought the necessary items, we will organise a home visit with you. The home visitor will call to arrange a suitable time between yourselves to visit.

This visit is arranged so we can see everything that you have said you would do to create a good environment for the animal. It should not take too much of your time. This home visit can also be good if you need to ask any additional questions or are unsure about anything.

The home visitor will not be able to say if all is ok with your layout. The shelter will contact you directly a few days later to discuss collection details or if any changes need to be made before the adoption.


You will need to fill out and sign the adoption form. This states that you agree to not breeding the animals, vet trips will be organised if your pet becomes unwell and if, for any reason you can no longer care for the animal, the animal will be returned to the shelter.

The remainder of the adoption fee is available upon collection.

We do sell a variety of bowls, bottles, hay and animal carriers. Please ask if you are interested in buying from us. All the proceeds will go back into the shelter, helping more animals.