Adoption Documents you need

GUINEA PIGS: View our Guinea pig Information Sheet: Guinea Pig – Adoption Information

We ask a minimum adoption donation of £35 per guinea pig, all single males are neutered unless there’s a specific reason. 

RABBITS: View our Rabbit Information Sheet: Rabbits – Adoption Information.

We ask a minimum adoption donation of £75 per rabbit, all rabbits are vaccinated and neutered (unless there’s a specific reason). 

Please complete and return this: Adoption application form


OTHER ANIMALS: We ask an adoption donation of £20 per small animal (hamster, gerbil etc), please email us for information regarding these species. Small animal minimum requirements


Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting from us. Both your family and our animals will each have particular needs, depending on age, lifestyle and experience. Our aim is to ensure that every adoption is successful. Please read our requirements below carefully.

1. First download the relevant documents below including the Adoption Information sheet and the Adoption Application form. If you cannot download the documents please email us. Most of the answers to your questions can be found there so please read these documents carefully. If you find that you don’t want to read through all of the information, please consider the responsibility of having a pet – if you’re not ready to read an information sheet are you really prepared? 

3. Visit the Animals for Adoption page to see those currently available. Let us know if you’re interested in any particular individual. Please note that enquiry about an animal does not reserve them for you.

2. Complete the Adoption Application Form. Any problems please let us know.

3. Email the Application Form and pictures of your housing/set up. We need to be able to see the size, design, bedding, ramps and contents. Email these pictures to Please note that telling us what you intend to provide is not adequate; we must see a picture of your existing set up before we consider your request. 

3. We will reply to your email as soon as we have reviewed your housing and set up. Please note that due to the busy demands of our work it may take up to several days for us to respond – so please bare with us!

4. We may provide some recommendations or suggest adjustments to your housing before we rehome to you. Please do not think us rude, the only reason we do this is to ensure the best welfare for the animal, and a successful match for all people and pets involved!

6. Arrange a collection appointment with us. We politely ask that your adoption donation fee is paid prior to collection of your animal(s) although we do accept payment on arrival. Payment details are Marias Animal Shelter, Lloyds Bank; Sort code: 30-88-22; Account number: 18735760.

By adopting from us and signing an adoption contract you agree that the animal will not be used for breeding purposes, you will register and visit a vet if you’re pet becomes unwell and if for any reason you can no longer care for the animal, they must be returned to us rather than rehoming yourself. Owning an animal is a legal responsibility; you have a legal duty of care to provide for the welfare needs of the animal so you must ensure you know how to do this

Bonding at the shelter

If you would like us to bond any animals at the shelter for you, we will charge £15 per week as a bonding fee.

Goods for sale at the shelter

We sell a variety of palatable hay, bowls, bottles, litter trays and animal carriers on site. Please ask if you are interested in buying from us. All the proceeds will go back into the shelter, helping more animals.