Other animals for adoption


Houdini is 8 months old. He does nip but may get better once bonded and regular gentle handling.


We have a group of ten gerbils that could be adopted as trios or as a group. They will need a large tank to live in.


Skippy is one of a group of ten. The ten could be adopted together or separated as trios to live together. They would need a large tank to burrow.


Pumpkin is 1 year old. She came in on her own because she was bullying the other gerbils. Pumpkin would need a large tank to live in and toys, wheels to play with.


Salt and Pepper are 1.5 year old female gerbils. They are friendly. Gerbils love to burrow so would need a large tank to live in. You can convert an old fish tank.

4 Female Degus and one male

We have a gorgeous group of 4 females degus and one castrated male. They can either get adopted as a group, pair or a trio.

Female Degus

We have a group of 4 females degus, who were born in June 2018. They can either be adopted as a group of 4 or in pairs. They will need a large house with a metal wheel and toys to play with.


At the shelter we have 4 single male, fancy mice that are looking for a home. 3 are around 6 months old and and are friendly.We also have a black one called Tim, who is 2 years old but can bite.