Rabbits for adoption

Merlin & Theo

Merlin and Theo are 51/2 year old brothers. They would need to be adopted together. Their front teeth were removed several years ago due to a poor diet but they have no difficulty in eating food, apart from fresh fruit and veg, which needs to be grated. This pair have been in with us for well over a year now. It would be lovely to find them a forever home.


Caramel is an inquisitive 1-year-old neutered male, who is looking for love.


2-year-old Boston has been castrated and will need to find a companion to live with. He is a little shy but will gain confidence in the right home.

Frenchie & Sydney

Frenchie and Sidney are 2 neutered male rabbits approximately 1 year old, who are looking to be adopted together. They are both shy but have gained a lot of confidence with us. Not suitable to live with children and will need an outside environment.

Rex & Elsa

Rex is a 3-year-old neutered male and Elsa is a 2-year neutered female. They are a lovely couple but Elsa takes a while to get use to you. Food seems to do the trick.