Caring for a Pet

Caring for a pet is a full time commitment.  It is important that you consider all the aspects of the pets needs before deciding to adopt.

Different types of pets have different needs that need to be met both for the animals health and for your peace of mind. The Animal Welfare Act says you must provide the basic 5 things all animals need.  Setting up a new home for your pet can be costly and you need to make sure you have most things before you adopt.

See our individual pets page to understand your pets specific needs.

The 5 needs for your new pet:

1. Shelter

Your pet must have adequate shelter somewhere that is suitable for your type of pet to live; a bed or a hutch that is warm and protected.

2. Food

Check that you are giving your pet the best kind of food possible and that you are aware of the types of food they need.

3. Water

Your pet must have a good source of water at all times.

4. Health Care

Your pet must have suitable health care.  It needs to be protected from fleas and bugs and have it’s vaccinations.  Vet bills can be costly so it may pay to have insurance for those larger unexpected bills.

Here at Maria’s Animal Shelter we make sure that your new pet comes to you in the best condition possible.  Our animals will have up to date vaccinations

5. Behaviour

Long gone are the days where pets are put in little cages.  They must have enough space and the right habitat so that they can behave as they normally would for that kind of animal.

Heaps of Love

Of course you will also want to provide them with heaps of love!  Your new pet may not understand at first that you love them so patience may be needed to make him or her feel at home and welcome.  Give them space and let them grow used to the new environment.