Meet Flopsy (white) and her 2 female babys. Flopsy came into our care back in August with 8, 1 week old babies. Luckily 4 have been adopted but we still have 4 looking for their forever homes.


Flopsys is a 2 year old spayed female, she has been an excellent mum to all her babies. She is a friendly girl who loves to run up to say hello or to see if you have any goodies for her. Flopsy would love to find a male rabbit to be bonded with, she could live in either an indoor or outdoor home. One of her favourite spots to relax is on a child’s armchair. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting her.

Flopsy is currently living with 2 of her female babies, they are both looking for homes too.  They are 12 weeks old and will need to be spayed from 20 weeks, (which the charity will pay for at our vets).They will either need to be adopted together or be adopted on their own to be bonded with a male rabbit.  They are lovely girls who will need lots of enrichment to keep them busy. They can live in either and indoor or outdoor home. Please contact us and ask for an information sheet if you are interested in adopting them.