How You Can Help

You have the ability to take action today – however big or small – you just have to take that action!

There are lots of different ways you can help support us, and keep our doors open. The number of animals we are seeing is staggering, and we need your help to keep running, now more than ever. 


Share a skill. It’s not just volunteering with the animals that we need support with. If you have skills (or would like to learn!) in fundraising, newsletter editing, gardening, administration, building services or anything that you’d like to share please get in touch. Your skill might be gold dust for us!

Hold a fundraising event. Could you do a bake sale, a bingo night, hold a competition, quiz night, a raffle, or enter an event to raise funds for us? There’s always skydiving as well – even a tabletop sale for those that (understandably) don’t want to fling themselves off a plane!

Support our auctions and raffles. We hold regular online fundraising sales, and we’re very pleased to receive any sale-able goods, including alcohol, vouchers, foods, unopened perfumes, soaps etc, and similar items. Or visit our Facebook page by searching ‘Maria’s Animal Shelter Online Auction’ to grab a bargain!



Foster. We have multiple residents that have ongoing medical problems or behavioural concerns that make them harder to rehome. We’re always searching for suitable and experienced homes.

Spread the word. Please consider telling people about our work, you never know what difference you might make by telling someone about us. Perhaps your employer supports a charity? You can also share our posts and links on Facebook and Instagram, especially those with an educational message, or a call to action!

Adopt don’t shop! There are over 67,000 rabbits in rescue across the UK every year (RWAF 2017). Adopting from a rescue rather than buying from shops or breeders is usually always cheaper as animals come fully vaccinated, neutered and health checked. You can adopt a rabbit or adopt a guinea pig or one of the other kinds of animals we re-home at the shelter.


Please contact us to find out more if you are interested.

You are the reason we are able to keep our doors open and we cannot thank you enough.