Our Permanent Residents


This is the cat that is always around the shelter but seldom seen. He only comes out when he thinks no one is around or if it is his feeding time.


This lovely girl lives with Ralph, Molly, Marshall and Maisie. She is friendly, but a little more shy than the others, so takes her time getting to know new people. After she gets used to you, she loves to come up to you for a scratch and some fuss.

Charlie Drake

This handsome fella likes to come up and make a wheezing sound to say hello.


Stunning girl Lucy stands tall and loves a good shout, very chatty.


This gorgeous boy is very friendly and likes a lot of fuss. He always knows when its feeding time!


This pretty girl enjoys a lot of attention too. She loves a good scratch and wobbles her head about, licking her lips if you hit the right spot!