Sponsoring an Animal 
By purchasing one of our sponsorship gift packs you will be directly contributing to the costs involved in caring for your chosen animal. You can choose from a wide range of animals here at the shelter!

Our sponsorship are just £30, and make great gifts! When you sponsor an animal you or your chosen recipient will receive:
A Marias Animal Shelter Notebook!
A Marias Animal Shelter Pen!
A Personalised Certificate of Sponsorship!
A Marias Animal Shelter Car Sticker!
Information on your chosen animal!
Sponsoring an animal is really simple. Just click the link below, fill out the form, and send it back to us via e-mail or post. Once we have received your form and payment, we will send your pack out to you or your chosen recipient!
Check out our resident animals looking for sponsorships below!



Hetty and Jacob

Exclusively sponsored for life by Sue Campbell 

Hetty and Jacob are our resident sheep and they make themselves known! They have huge personalities and LOVE their food! Unfortunately they have some health complications and so live with us here at the shelter where they enjoy grazing in our two fields and saying hello to the ducks!






After his owner passed away Chick became one of our resident degu’s. Don’t be fooled, he may be one of our smallest residents but he has one of the biggest personalities! He is the sweetest little man you could hope to meet. He loves a head scratch and always waits patiently for his daily pea flake!






The Waterfowl Four

This group consist of Lucy (Chinese goose), Charlie (Muscovy drake), Jack (Indian runner duck) and Sugar and spice, who are East Indian ducks.
Lucy is the noisiest goose and will fiercely protect her friends.
Charlie is the old timer who is chilled and relaxed.
Sugar and Spice love to sit in their pool relaxing. The trouble is as soon as you clean it they make it nice and muddy again.



Buttons the seldom seen feral cat. He is always around the shelter, but only seen at his evening feeding time. Occasionally we see a flash of black, as he leaps over a wall and disappears.


Woody and Fifi

Kindly Sponsored By Ben & Rosemary



Misty came into the shelter in July 2019. Her previous owner had kept her tethered, so she could not run off but unfortunately the horse would tangle in the chain and end up kicking the goat. When Misty first came to us she would forever bleat at us for attention but she has since made friends with Toffee and Ericka.







Ericka was brought into the shelter in June 2018, together with her 3 babies. Ericka was painfully thin, very anxious, had an over burden of worms and could not cope with feeding her babies. We hand reared the babies who then went off to their forever home. Ericka was treated by the vet and we managed to help her gain weight and she became friends with Toffee. Ericka has also improved with her nerves and is now a calm, placid goat who loves her food and cuddles.








Toffee came into the shelter in 2010 with his brother Fudge. Unfortunately, Fudge died a few years ago. Toffee was distraught at losing his brother. Luckily, he now has Ericka and Misty to brighten his day. Toffee is one of those naughty goats, who sometimes terrorises the volunteers. He can be the most lovable goat on the planet and the next thing you have just been butted, such a character.





Rocky The Cockerel

Rocky was one of a number of poultry that was abandoned in local woods. Luckily surrounding people came and fed the poultry daily until they were all caught and rehomed. Thanks to the amazing teamwork.








Shadow is such  a sweet, friendly cat. We cannot understand why she decided to live with us but one winters day she showed up in the poultry enclosure and started to live with the ducks, sleeping in their house. At first, we thought she was just visiting us but then realised this was not the case. After unsuccessfully not finding her family, we decided that she needed to stay with us. Shadow has upgraded to living in the tool room with her own bed, where she can come and go as she pleases. Most people meet shadow when she runs out to greet a visitor at the gate. 






Dave entered the shelter in 2020 and was diagnosed with Megacolon Syndrome. This means that Dave can at any times become impacted with hardened faecal matter causing immense pain and is at risk of a complete blockage. He has to have daily medication and is closely monitored for any changes in behaviour or daily habits. Dave also has dental issues and struggles to moult. He is a laid-back friendly boy who loves to interact with us and loves head rubs. 






Missy & Fudge 

Missy and Fudge came in as a pair because the owner had a new baby and no longer had time for them.  They were signed over to us in 2021. We noticed that Missy was not walking correctly and would lean to one side. She was also very messy and seemed to urinate everywhere in her pen. Her droppings were small and sometimes Fudge would chase her. Missy has had tests done and it looks like she is in Kidney failure or has a tumour. She is on daily pain medication and life is more positive for her although we don’t know how long she has left. Hopefully she will continue this way for a long time.