Sponsored Permanent Residents

Here you can view the groups of permanent residents available for sponsorship. Your name will appear next to the group you choose to sponsor.

To sponsor, please go to How You Can Help at the top of the page and then click on How To Sponsor in the drop down menu.


The Woolly Wool Pack

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Ralph & Charlotte







Ralph, Charlotte and Molly make up this group. Ralph is a Chevriot, Charlotte a cross breed and Molly a Dorset Poll. They are very friendly sheep and enjoy a good scratch and lots of fuss. Charlotte is a little more nervous and needs time to get used to new people, but pushes to the front for scratches when she trusts you. Ralph always knows when it is feeding time!


Toggenburg Two

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Marshall and Maisie are Toggenburg goats that like to hang out with the woolly wool pack. Marshall is young, handsome and a bit of a naughty boy. He seems to like to be by himself a lot and enjoy our company more than Maisies. He doesn’t like Maisie going into his stable, so she has one of her own, but she likes to be with the sheep or with Toffee and Fudge (the Krays). She really likes attention and scratches and is a very docile old girl.


The Krays

Kindly Sponsored By Ayla Searle

Toffee & Fudge
Toffee & Fudge having a walk in Probus village







These brothers are Toffee and Fudge and their naughty behaviour and characters have earned them the nickname of the Krays. They are funny boys but can be a handful! They are Guernsey/Pygmy crosses.

They are taken for a walk up the village as often as possible, which only helps calm them down a little! We have to watch they don’t eat peoples gardens and Fudge has particular fences and walls he pulls you to so that he can walk along it scratching himself. To keep them busy so they won’t bother us while we are working, a cardboard box is good or letting them into the straw room to make a mess!


Kooky Kune Kunes

Kindly Sponsored By Lucy Hough








Blossom and Tammy are Kune Kune (pronounced Kooney) pigs, a rare breed from New Zealand, and are sisters. They are a lovable pair with great characters. They love attention and a good scratch, falling on their side for you to tickle their bellies. They are always nosing into things and love to play, as they get bored easily. They are first to welcome you with their lovely snorts and grunts as you go through the front gate.


Orphan Oliver

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Oliver the goat

Little goat Oliver was rescued in early 2013 from the middle of nowhere. He was tethered with plastic ties with no shelter, food or water. He enjoys his freedom at the shelter and following Maria around and is a very sweet natured boy.


Mays Gang

Kindly Sponsored By Cynthia Herbert

May leading Hettie & Gerty
Mays Gang







These beautiful geese are May and his girls Hettie and Gerty. They are great at warning us when people arrive and walk around the shelter in a line, with May in front. They love to come running at feeding time and will take food from our hands.



The Waterfowl Six

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Charlie Drake in front of Bonnie the goose and two female brown ducks


In this group are Charlie Drake (a Muscovy duck), Bonnie & Lucy the geese, Toast the Mallard drake and two pretty brown female ducks. Charlie loves to talk to you with his sweet husky sound. Bonnie is a bit of a nervous girl, but sweet and Lucy is a very chatty girl, who likes to walk tall, strutting around. The two brown ducks like to walk around following Toast and quacking and love a swim in the pond.


Badger & Casper

Kindly Sponsored By Leah Carmichael

Casper & Badger
Casper & Badger

Casper is a very friendly guinea pig that came to the shelter with the handsome Badger. It is not advisable to keep rabbits and guinea pigs together, we normally wouldn’t, but these two have a very strong bond and love free ranging around our main room nosing at everything.


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Minty (middle). Poor Minty has lost 2 girlfriends but now has Buttercup and Daisy to keep him cheerful.



Kindly Sponsored By Lucy Crozier

The seldom seen feral cat. He is always around the shelter, but only seen at his evening feeding time. Occasionally we see a flash of black, as he leaps over a wall and disappears.


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3 of our ducks, The wild mallard toast, who came in when a family discovered he had angel wing. Mrs Campbell, who is 15yrs and blind and Jack, he was the only duck left alive from a fox attack.

Thank You for your sponsorship and support!